Saturday, August 22, 2009


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I found a really interesting post on John Milton Fogg’s blog. Although it is specifically aimed toward network marketing, I realized that it is applicable to almost any field of endeavor. The first thing he asks is “What’s wrong with my Network Marketing Business?” His answer is that what is wrong is that question itself. I found the entire article to be well worth reading and applying to just about any business or situation that isn’t resolving as we want it to.

Below I have quoted his five right questions. I hope you will go to his blog and read the whole thing for yourself.

Mostly I try to keep the major content of my blog as comments that I want to share, but this is so important and relevant that I’m sharing it with you.

Here is the link. If it isn’t showing, just check out the right side and find the article there.


The Five Right Questions

1. What's right...? This question (formed by the conscious mind) instantly focus on the positive and productive (away from the negative and deconstructive)... engages the heart (intuition and imagination and spirit) and is energy-building (rather than draining)....

2. What makes that right...? With this second question, we are discovering Values, what is really most important... transmuting the "data"— the factual answer to the first question— and evolving that by getting to the "essence", thereby turning facts into knowledge and wisdom. This is alchemy. This is the child's "Why is the sky blue?" question. This question strengthens and raises the vibration.... and we're ready to move on to the next question, which demands even greater creative energy to explore...

3. What would be ideal...? Here, we begin to pursue the possibilities.... We have ventured into the domain of "What you don't know that you don't know...." This is the Visionary question, engaging the Intuition and Imagination and moving beyond the limits of the rational mind... and it is directly linked to the power of the Pleasure and Passion of your Purpose....
4. What's missing, which if it was "in there" would bring about the ideal....? This question explores and articulates the exact size and shape of the hole(s) in the Vision (Ideal) that need to be filled to bring the picture (image: as in imagination) of what's possible into being... what's required to complete our Ideal. Built on the growing energy of the first three questions, it transcends the mental-judging of "what's wrong?" and literally gives direction to Creation itself. Without this step, we almost always get square pegs for our round holes....

5. What will it take to put in what's missing... to bring about the ideal...? The Question that leads you... "What will it take to ______________ (filling in the blank with the Vision of the Ideal) for the highest good of myself and all concerned...?" This is the Visionary's request for Inspired Action....

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