Saturday, September 26, 2009

I promised to tell you about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. I can't think of a better way than to show you the 60 Minute interviews regarding Aspartame.

It is interesting that one researcher looked at 164 studies on Aspartame. 74 of the studies were funded by nutrisweet scientists or people who would benefit from the sale of the product. Every one of those 74 studies found only good things about the chemical. Of the other 90 independent studies not conducted by those people who had a vested interest in finding good things about the chemical, 83 found problems.

Aspartame was approved in the face of 3 independent scientific studies recommending that it not be approved and 2 in house studies recommending the same.

I have learned that I can trust whatever Monsanto says about any safety of any chemical just about as far as I can throw their building, but their sweet spokeswoman is assuring us that all is well.

Please get as many people as you can to view these videos. Our health really is being impacted by Aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners on the market today. We need to insist on a corporate culture that puts people and their health and safety before their insane profits.

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