Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Bit More About Sandy & Al

Al & I have 5 grown children ranging from ages 47 to almost 55. We have 5 grandchildren from 12 to 28. Wish we were closer to them but we do get to see them occasionally.

We live in Paradise, CA and it really is. It is a small mountain community and as I look out my window, I see too many trees to count and today, in July, the sun is glistening off the leaves. It is just beautiful here.

We have had our own in home business for almost 39 years working with health, environmental, personal care, beauty, non toxic cleaners that actually work and save money, air and water purification. Our company, Shaklee, is the oldest natural wellness company in the world, beginning way back in 1915 and we will celebrate 39 years with them in September.

Among my passions is to help people to maintain and improve their health, eliminate toxins in their diets and environment, and to help them to build a financial "plan B" so that they can have a great income that is not dependent upon the whims of an employer, the ups and downs of the economy, or anything outside their own control. We are semi-retired, and work when we choose, where we choose, and with whom and we only work part time. Our income for the last couple of years has been in the six figures and our goal is to help 6 people this year to develop at least a high 4 figure income and to build from there.

We love to share information and conversation about a lot of things so feel free to introduce a new subject and let's have a fun dialog.

I'm brand new at this blogging "thing" so I really don't know how it all works yet. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks and please visit often.

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